Our favorite thing about Downtown Tallahassee is the Market on Saturdays. We were born and raised here in Tallahassee and the Downtown Market is a great place for tourists and locals to get outside, see local art, eat some great food, and enjoy the beauty that is Downtown Tallahassee.

Zan B.

I enjoyed the people, all the venues and music at the Downtown Market. I could just sit there for hours !!

Toni S.

Downtown Marketplace has it all. — fabulous food — gorgeous and high end crafts — neat themes — lovely park setting — easy access — talented musicians — friendly and engaging folks — family friendly — beautiful trees — in the center and downtown of our wonderful city.

Karen M.

So much more than just a place to buy your produce. Something for everyone. The best of all yumminess. Fabulous artists. Flavorful musicians. Now, I live far away, but when I come to Tallahassee, Saturday morning at the Downtown Market is top on my list of things to do!

Anna R.

photos by Black & Hue Photography

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