Sweet Frog Tallahassee was, simply put, a divine experience. Not only were my taste buds delightfully engaged by the splendiforous dairy flavors, the staff were professional and courteous in such a way that is rarely experienced in 21st century America. Would that I could give 6 out of 5 stars.

Chris M.

My wife and I think this is the best froyo establishment in town. We’re so glad it’s so close to us. It makes our date nights to Target complete. The staff is very nice, and the key lime pie flavor is the best I’ve ever had. So tart and tasty!

Henry K.

Way better than plain boring ice cream! Staff is always very friendly, it’s bright and fun! Try it out!

Melissa N.

Love this place – Nice service – Would recommend to anyone.

Robin B.

There is no dessert experience quite like Sweet Frog Tallahassee. … Sweet Frog Tallahassee is no parlor; it is a PALACE. The finest of dairy delights abound here, in stark contrast to the searing heat of the local climate. It’s a wonder they don’t charge just for entry, because I’d certainly pay handsomely for a ticket to Sweet Frog Tallahassee.

Bill M.

Great flavors, yummy yogurt and always very nice staff. My favorite yogurt in Tallahassee!

Tanya C.

photos by Black & Hue Photography

sweetFrog · Frozen Yogurt Shop
6753 Thomasville Rd #110

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