What do I love about MarketDone? CEO Deanna Mims is an amazing fount of brilliant ideas, backed up by attention to detail, formidable follow-through and bonzo performance! What’s not to love!

Kathryn H.

Deanna Mims is my go to girl! Forward thinking, always on target with my marketing and public agenda.

Beverly R.

(What I love about MarketDone can be) summed up in two words, Deanna Mims! Not only highly professional in her understanding and perspectives of our Tallahassee markets, but a powerhouse of ideas that she clearly communicates and follows up on! Color that with straight and honest discussion, Deanna investigates each individual’s unique situation as she listens to and explores the great possibilities with them, not talks at them. Deanna continually supports all in their events which strengthens a profound relationship of trust and confidence.

Barbara P.

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