The food is wonderful, It’s always fresh and tasty. Lively cafe is truly one of my favorite places to eat. The atmosphere and people are such a delight to my day.

Mary Lou C.

Great service and great food! I always leave satisfied!

Emma F.

I’ve been volunteering here are Lively Cafe for about a year now. Being a member of St. Johns, I love serving the community in this way. It’s a real blessing to see everyone, newcomers and regulars alike.

Leslie R.

Awesome atmosphere, great food, and best of all, low cost! I come here all the time.

Sam H.

One of the best small town restaurants where you see see everybody in town. It’s nothing fancy, just good healthy food and great prices.

Kate M.

The Lively Café at St. John’s · Homemade Soups, Salads, Sandwiches and Delicious Desserts
Weekdays from 11-1:30 at Calhoun St. entrance Downtown at St. John’s Episcopal Church

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