L3 provides a lens for girls to see and value themselves and others in a greater societal context. My daughter now believes that she can positively impact the world by executing goals, and making sustainable choices. L3 prepared my daughter for college at NYU, for a career as a vocalist, and for life as a resourceful leader.

Jessica J.

Since I am very interested in STEM, the L3 program provided me with MENTORING to get me ready for college and to become a professional in the real world.

Bethany Chandler

I am a 21 year old ICU RN preparing for nurse anesthesia school. I was involved with L3 for 4 years, both attending the programs and volunteering. This program is LIFE CHANGING and I contribute much of my SUCCESS to L3.

Erica J.

This is an excellent organization that does so many positive things for young ladies. They help provide girls with the tools and strategies they need to be successful in life!

Gabrielle G.

L3 – Ladies Learning to Lead
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