Bento is awesome. It’s a great healthy option for dinning out and the variety of food they offer makes it perfect for catering. The staff is very friendly and food is ready in a short amount of time. Definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Tallahassee.

Sabrina T.

I love Bento. I eat there at least once a week, every Saturday for sure. The staff is awesome and my food is even better.

Justin C.

All I can say is good Lord! Delicious. Vegan and vegetarian options which are great. I have already told my family about this place. I hate the wait but I totally understand the popularity and it’s worth it. I shall visit again soon.

Adrienne J.

So delicious! I ordered the Mexican roll and a rice bowl with orange chicken and they were both the best I’ve had at any restaurant in Tallahassee. I’ll definitely be back

Katie C.

Bento  · Asian Kitchen & Sushi
Located in the HUB at 1660 W Tennessee St

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