We had Treva’s sweet potato cheesecake for Thanksgiving and it was awesome!! This girl knows what she’s doing!!

Tim R.

I fell in love with Treva’s pastries even before I had the chance to walk in the door or try anything. I enquired about a certain pastry that I have been dying for and I got a quick response saying that they don’t make them however she would look it up and let me know if she could. And that weekend she had them ready for me. Not only do they have the best customer service ever but they also have amazing quiches and skolebollers. I will be back. Often!

Amy G.

A lovely, local spot for excellent lunches, pastries, and conversation. The food is fresh and delicious!

Jayme H.

Everything I have tried at Treva’s has been amazing! Great place to go for lunch and they have frozen stuff you can take home and heat in the oven. Oh, and the pastries are out of this world!

Sean L.

Chocolate cardamon bread, scotch eggs, quiche (or as i like to call her’s — savory creme brulee), delicate yet hardy soups, frozen dinners that still taste homemade when cooked. ’nuff said.

Bonnie B.

The Rum Baba is to die for. And the Lucky Goat coffee with the Strawberry Neopolitan today topped off a perfect weather day today! We are totally hooked.

Judy R.

Treva’s Pastries & Fine Foods · More Than a Pastry Shop
Capital Circle NE, across from Esposito’s · 850.765.0811

 Find ’em at trevas.net/ | facebookinstagram