TITUS has been a great environment for my son to train in. The skills and techniques he has learned from the coaches have transformed him into an outstanding athlete.

Steve C.

The trainers / coaching staff make the place work. They explain each exercise, demonstrating where appropriate, with an emphasis on good form and posture. Then they keep an eye on you as you work, offering advice and encouragement. The routines are hardly ever the same so you won’t get bored.

Joe S.

I’m a real ‘customer service’ advocate, and the crew at Titus clearly ace this valuable part of operating a business. … Whether one-on-one with a client, or working with a large group of athletes from a team or league, they provide expert analysis and a sincere sense of care for everyone.

Bill B.

The staff at Titus Sports Academy, and the training methods they apply, have been vital in helping our sons reach their full potential.

Ron and Cindy M.

From our very first visit to Titus, we were impressed with the level of attention and focus applied toward speed, strength and agility training; tailored to meet the needs of each person in our family. The knowledge level and application of training from each trainer is spot on and clearly demonstrates each trainer’s passion in helping others succeed. More importantly, my daughters have thrived in the environment; meeting their goals and building their self-confidence along the way.

– Deanna S.

Titus has opened my eyes to so much more than the traditional cardio conditioning class, and their workouts have gotten me into the best shape of my life at age 33. Titus’ workouts challenge and apply to all levels of life…my young children, high schoolers, college students, the stay at home mom, working professionals, and professional athletes.

– Jenn M.

photos by Black & Hue Photography

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