What I love is that this place is more than the place you buy books – it is the place where you exchange ideas with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, building community one conversation at a time. It is a place of magic, joy and wonder. I love The Bookshelf.

Christine R.

I love their devotion to children with Saturday Storytime. And I can’t not say how I’m thankful to have become friends with amazing Annie… because of her decision to pursue her bookstore dream.

Laura B.

Beautiful, vibrant, local independent business steeped in serving the community with curated, imaginative gifts and a wide selection of literature, children’s books, history, and regional reading.

Teresa K.

I love being greeted by name when I walk in. #smalltownlife

Mary M.

We ♥ the Bookshelf! I love how they welcome my 5 year old twins with kindness! It allows me to introduce my children to BOOKS!

Mary P.

I love that I can get them to order the latest book I’ve heard about on NPR and they are usually familiar with it even though it’s not especially well known

Anne A.

The Bookshelf
126 S Broad St in Downtown Thomasville · 229.228.7767