This is one of the best ethnic restaurants in Tallahassee. It is not fast food, either, and is well worth the wait. Their chicken dishes are my favorites, especially the shawarma and souvlaki, and the gyro meat also is excellent. But I also have enjoyed the falafel and kebabs. Sometimes I come here because I literally am craving one of their signature sides dishes, especially the Greek fries (seasoned skin-on thin sliced fried potatoes with tomatoes and feta) or the fool moodamas (a type of hummus made with fava beans).

Craig W.

We live in the next county, but have been customers for several years. We love the newer place on the Parkway even more than the old one on Lafayette! There is a great selection of appetizers, wraps, and full course meals, with various daily specials. I have never been disappointed, and their Lebanese iced tea is the bomb! We love it and highly recommend it.

Judi S.

Sahara Greek & Lebanese Cafe · 1135 Apalachee Pkwy

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