We absolutely love Play Big! My boys get to come and have fun: Run, play, climb, jump, do anything that they want to do … JUST BE THEM and explore what their bodies can do. We are so thankful that this is in our community and in our lives. Thank you for coming to Jackson County!

Linda M.

Boy, did I make a good choice with PLAYBIG PARTY & PLAY!! The children loved it! The employees were attentive and courteous. The space was engaging and comfortable for both the children and parents and it was completely safe. I will definitely be back and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a unique experience for their child.

Blake P.

We tried their open play for the first time and loved it!! It is very nice, a lot to do and the staff is fantastic!

Holly K.

They go the extra mile to make sure our children are successful. It’s a happy and inspiring environment and our children look forward to every session.

Sunnie J.

They loooooove my kids! I also love that they use an intense, integrated approach that really, really works to develop relational skills as well as new motor pathways in the brain. We also love the welcoming, family atmosphere there.

Christi K.

I love how absolutely kind, caring, and vested they are in my son. Thanks to the awesome therapists my son has made huge strides and I am forever grateful for everyone there.

Ashley G.

This place and the therapists are amazing! I don’t understand how it works, but I know that it does work! Everybody here only wants what is best for the kids!

Christine B.

I love the whole-body whole-mind approach! Every child has a variety of ways to work out their thoughts and feelings. Best facility, best team ever ♥

Alexandria W.

PlayBig Therapy & Learning Center · Moving – Engaging – Connecting
4500 W Shannon Lakes Dr

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