Computer Repair Doctor was very professional. They kept me in contact before any work was done or changes were made. Not only was the repair above par, but it was done very quickly. I would definitely recommend Computer Repair Doctor to anyone in need of technological repairs in or near Tallahassee!

Wade W.

Computer Doctor is awesome! I had used them for phone repair in the past, but last week they helped to recover lost data from a dropped hard drive! Tyler at Kerry Forest Parkway is a gem. I got back a lot of sentimental photos and work I have done for non-profits. THANK YOU!

Lisa L.

Thank you Computer Repair Doctor for being Fair, Timely, and Accurate! I will do business with these good people any day of the week! #HappyCustomer

John A.

These guys rock!!! I have had 2 screens replaced with them and have walked away with a fixed phone and still had cash in my pocket!! Un beatable prices and customer service that will leave you speechless!! They are my go to people whenever I need phone repair!!

Therman D.

Very satisfied with this company. Computer Repair Doctor is not the cheapest around, but they have the longest warranty in town & best customer service. Thanks for being so efficient!

Allison L.

These guys rock. Just walked in because one of my cables fried and hooked me up in less than a minute. I will definitely go back and will also recommend that others do as well.

Chris A.

Computer Repair Doctor
523 E Tennessee St | 850.727.8617 · 2887 Kerry Forest Pkwy | 850.320.6046