I love that my dog loves Mojo’s. She loses her mind when she sees the MoJo’s sign, and goes even crazier when we walk inside and are greeted by the friendly, smiling staff. I never have to worry about her while we’re away because I know she is always having a blast there with her pup and people friends. Nothing tires her out more than a day of play at MoJo’s.

Bethany J.

Stormy may enjoy MoJo’s Backyard more than her own yard…she loves it there!

Dan F.

Our 3 dachshunds have been going to MoJo’s Backyard since they were puppies. … they go berserk when we ask them “Do you wanna go there?” at home, and then flip out as soon as we’re in the parking lot. To have three dogs all be in agreement that it’s the best place ever is something! And we love it because they come home tired and happy.

Lisa S.

I’m always amazed at how friendly and welcoming the staff are at 6:30 am. MoJo’s is Maggie’s happy place!

Sharon S.

We love Mojo’s and so do Bella and Skye. ‘We are going to love your dogs’ is not just advertisement. It is true. The staff knows our kids, and they greet each other as friends.

Patty M.

My dogs LOVE Mojo’s!! It’s pure doggie fun!

Kate M.

Camp MoJo’s · We’re gonna love your dog
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