Full-disclosure, I’m almost a year late to the review party. Here’s the great thing about that though… when I tell you that Bryan and Kelly of Black & Hue offer a genuine service that goes far beyond what you would expect from a photographer – you know I mean it. I’m not writing this having just received my (unspeakably incredible) photos, or still coming down off of the “wedding high” (even though I admittedly kind of am!)… I am writing this nearly a year later still treasuring the process, still praising their talents, and still considering them my friends.

Bryan and Kelly are an unstoppable creative duo who will intentionally create a bond that gives them the ability to capture those moments that mean the most. They didn’t miss a thing. There are moments they immortalized that when I looked at the photos I thought, “how did they know to photograph that? I thought I was the only person who noticed that happening (or them dancing together, or those old friends reuniting). They just know.

You want someone who “just knows”. Looking back I realize booking Black and Hue was the first decision I made during our engagement season. I am so deeply appreciative of that, because Bryan and Kelly became a constant for my husband and I – something we desperately needed during such a transformational time in our lives. They are excitable, kind, FUNNY, and endearing and they will surpass every expectation.

Cheyenne A.

Black and Hue Project is absolutely incredible!  They have the fastest turn-around of any photographer I have ever used and ALWAYS produce amazing images (even when the kids didn’t make it easy!!)  These two are phenomenal at what they do!

Janelle E.

BY FAR the most creative wedding photographers out there. They made the pictures fun and were highly talented on capturing the best candid moments. … They make your big day into a work of art! Worth every penny, and honestly more!!

Heather F.

My pictures are the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen! Every day people come up to me and tell me how gorgeous my photos are. … They were on top of everything the whole time so I have pictures of every moment of my wedding day!

Kathryn S.

Black and Hue was one of the best decisions we made for our big day! Bryan put both my husband at I at ease – didn’t over direct, made us feel like we had known him for years, and didn’t spend long on those dreaded “formal pictures.” If you are looking for a dreamy, photo-journalistic style, Black and Hue Photography is the photographer for you!

Caroline B.

We were so lucky to be photographed by Black & Hue Photography. They aren’t just amazing at what they do, they are also the most genuine and down to earth people I have ever met.

Jenny C.

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