PT isn’t just for injuries and post surgery. I think everyone can benefit from getting a professional assessment and learning some correctives and tweaks to improve performance and/or get rid of some of that nagging (non-injury related) pain.

Laurel B.

After three sessions, I’m able to make it through a workout with no knee pain!!! Highly recommend!

Lesley D.

After several different tries on what possibly could be the cause of my problem, I was sent to Base. Tom and the bodybreakers have got me back on track fixing what I spent 30 years tearing up.

Douglas E.

Came in barely able to walk because of pain in my hip and lower back. Less than 5 weeks later, I finished a marathon with only slight pain in my back and I was only a little slower than normal. Amazing!

Nathan A.

I have been dealing with an injury for over 15 years and have worked with a variety of Therapists. The entire team at BASE immediately made me feel comfortable with their professional knowledge and approach to helping me heal.

Andrew W.

After suffering for 5 years with severe neck pain, I was able to stop taking all my pain meds after 2 visits. It has been life changing for me…

Alice D.

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