“From the minute I walked into Acuity I could feel the comfort of deep relaxation surround me. On the massage table, I experienced every muscle yielding to Debi’s expert therapeutics; the music; the fragrances; her knowing touch surrounded and filled all the senses. From beginning to end, I was immersed in a cloud of bliss.”

Donna A.

I have been utilizing Acuity Massage & Bodywork for several years and have been provided professional service from a professional massage therapist. The ambiance of Acuity Therapeutic is superb.

Mattie J.

By far the best Massage that I have received in a long time. I will become a regular here.

Guy P.

I am pregnant and have been getting weekly sessions here. It is fantastic! Completely relaxes me and leaves me feeling great. I feel my pregnancy has been easier because of these weekly sessions. I look forward to every massage and would recommend it to anyone. The environment is perfect and the staff is wonderful.

Tori C.

Acuity Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork · Specializing in all therapeutic massage techniques
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