This zoo. Is beautiful. Worth every single penny! There were zoo workers everywhere, answering questions, and teaching people about the animals. It was the best experience I could have imagined. A variety of animals you definitely don’t normally see ever, or even heard of! Kudos to the turtle rehab as well !!!!

Nakita J.

Who knew! A hidden gem. Took my 20 mos old today and loved it. Perfect size zoo for his attention span. Stroller navigated trail fine. The fee is perfect for the size and multiple visits. The staff were super friendly.

Sarah K.

Fantastic shady fun for the kids, the laughing kookaburas, frolicking lemurs, squirrel monkeys were entertaining! My friends, my girls and I had a great time. Great day trip. So thankful you are rescuing these animals. Thank you!

Sandra M.

This is a great attraction for everyone. They have lots of different animal species, the students are well educated about the animals and they have great education spots to talk with the students during certain parts of the day. You can tell the students/zookeepers take much pride in their work.

Alex M.

This is a great place to visit. My 4 and 6 yr old loved it. The students were so helpful and answered all our questions and more.

Janeen H.

photos by Kristin Kozelsky

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