Lang Jewelers is head and shoulders above the chain jewelry stores. I love working directly with the owners and Matt Lang is quite simply the most talented jeweler in town, IMO. He can design as well as repair just about anything. And it’s always a treat to visit beautiful Tioga Square.

T. Byrne

Whenever I am in need of a special gift for a loved one I know that I can count on the team at Lang to help guide me in the right direction. They take the time to learn about their customers so I know that when I go in I am getting the best quality jewelry that is always going to be a hit.

Nick DeConna

To be completely honest, I was nervous to redo my engagement ring. A friend recommended Lang and I couldn’t have been happier! Matt Lang’s design surpassed anything I could’ve imagined. The customer service was outstanding.

Emily Monda-Poe

Lang Jewelers never disappoints. Matt is creative and one of a kind when it comes to designing rings. My cousin recently had a ring designed by Matt for his fiancé. My cousin lives in Virginia and Matt was able to work with him to design the ring via pictures, email and phone. The ring turned out phenomenal and absolutely stunning.

C. Stormie

My wife has become a fan of Atocha and antique coin jewelry. Matt and Stacy have a classic inventory of coin jewelry that is not only Atocha type, but an antique coin dating back to the Roman Empire. Excellent condition and beautifully mounted.

J. Murphy

I love Matt and Stacy Lang! They will do anything to ensure you have what you are looking for. Matt can make custom pieces and Stacy is a master at finding the perfect piece. They are a staple every Christmas, birthday and anniversary!

C. Hart

photos by Kristin Kozelsky

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