I ordered cupcakes recently for a conference and was so impressed by the quality of cupcakes and the attention to detail! Yeni researched the group attending and created the perfect cupcakes!


The talent of Yeni Montoya at Bearkery is unbelievable. Had her cake last night and it was a work of art that tasted as great as it looked.


The football cake pops were heavenly. Thank you for making them for us and delivering them to the house (that was really helpful). The cake pops melt in your mouth, they are amazing.


Yeni and Fred’s attention to detail is clearly a contributing factor to their success and it’s no wonder why they continue baking nom-tastic creations daily in their community for over 5 years.


Holy goodness!!! The macaroons… I can’t even, they were STELLAR!!!! And the cupcakes… oh my, the tiramisu icing with chocolate cake = AMAZING!!


Just picked up a Big Fred Cookie for a client & this place smells great! Yum!


photos by Kristin Kozelsky

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