Awesome new shop! Glad to see a great sub shop near to our house. Welcome to the neighborhood. Oh, great Nathan hot dogs too. 🙂

Brian M.

The best thing I like about Dave’s Deli is…Dave. He’s there sometimes and you can talk to him about the menu or just what’s on your mind. I love the food but I think people overlook how awesome it is that Dave actually goes into his place and talks to his customers. It’s something you rarely see now but makes all the difference.

Eliseo R.

Thank you for making my morning better. So excited about the new location on my side of town. That pastrami is legendary!!! I also appreciated the Opus coffee. Keep being awesome.

Sarah B.

The food at Dave’s is great. Not only have I eaten there a dozen times, but we have had them cater our business meetings. I’m from New York City and the food is authentic and portions are robust. Prices are great. Great place and I highly recommend it.

Kenneth L.

The Tower location is great! Dave is so friendly, and I love that they have gluten free options (celiacs gotta eat too). It reminds me so much of the sandwiches I had while living in New York. I had the pastrami special and it was great. Also they carry their own blend of Opus coffee which is pretty rad. Thanks, Dave!

Heather H.

photos by Adrienne Fletcher

Dave’s NY Deli · Bringing a taste of New York to the Gainesville area!
Two locations!! Park Lane Plaza & Tioga Town Center:

12921 SW 1st Rd, Tioga Town Center

Park Lane
5750 SW 75th Ct, Park Lane Plaza

 Find ’em at | facebook | twitter