I love that I will have direct access to my provider (phone, text, messenger and email) and won’t have to wait days or weeks to be seen. I’ll keep my health insurance for emergency care and specialists, but financially this just makes sense. If you’re looking for something better, you should definitely check this place out!

Monica S.

Today was my first appointment and I can say I have never felt more comfortable at a doctors appointment ever… Jenn is amazing and you can see in her eyes that she truly cares about you when you are talking with her… So glad I decided to join and will spread the word on how awesome Celebrate is!! #HeresToGettingHealthy

Davina K.

This is medical VIP concierge service. It is one stop for family medical care. I think it is the wave of what medical care should be. I never feel like I have to rush to a walk in clinic or wait for days to have my family’s needs addressed. It’s the best.

Heather P.

photos by Adrienne Fletcher

Celebrate Primary Care · A Personal Relationship with your Personal Medical Provider
4400 NW 23rd Avenue, Suite B, Gainesville | 352.474.8686

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