I love Barre Forte! Everyone is always friendly and encouraging throughout class. What struck me right away was how they empower women to be their best and to feel strong and beautiful. I’ve only been taking classes for a few months, but I have already noticed changes in my body and my mood. I highly recommend trying it. Every class is a little different and so much fun!

Monique B.

I have loved my experience here. The different variety of classes has renewed my hope of getting into shape. Fun and friendly atmosphere. I feel great after only a week. Looking forward to more. Thank you.

Lisa G.

I am currently in my first week of Barre Forte! I can already feel the burn. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff has been so welcoming and the rest of the individuals have, too. I danced all my life, so this workout is right up my alley. I encourage others to sign up and see if it is something that you are interested in. I promise you won’t want to stop and you’ll be on your way to being tone and fit. Join Barre Forte!!!

Katie S.

I have LOVED attending classes at Barre Forte! The instructors are incredibly encouraging and positive. They focus on correct form and safety, while helping you to push yourself and get your best workout. I have felt stronger and more fit, and have enjoyed the variety of classes and activities they host.

Jennifer A.

The instructors and staff are incredibly welcoming, and they make you feel special as soon as you walk in the door. The space is clean and inviting, and creates a place perfect to clear your mind of daily worries and focus on your body for the time you are there. I have enjoyed the workout and people tremendously, and I have left each class feeling revitalized.

Jayne-Marie R.

I love Barre Forte and the culture that is so welcoming to people of any level of fitness. Each class pushes you as much as you would like without being intimidating. I love how Brinn and the other instructors are so aware of form and being sure no one hurts themselves. Such an easy place to feel comfortable and FUN!

Carol D.

photos by Kristin Kozelsky

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